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Month: February 2023

Forums: R111: Patch2 (1639)

This patch fixes some operational issue found Friday afternoon:

* Fixed fish and fish tank accessories being equipable. Those that were equipped on characters will be back in inventory once they log in. Comparison tooltips with current equipment will no longer appear on the exotic fish and accessories.

* Random Encounters: Fixed an issue that was sending players exiting the Mistrendur wandering merchant scene to Novia instead of Mistrendur. Also, the mounts of all three wandering merchants…

R111: Patch2 (1639)

Forums: R111: Patch1 (1636)

We have just published the first patch for Release 111. This patch addresses an issue where under certain circumstances players cannot place deco in their dungeons.

Complete patch notes will be posted on the Release patch notes page shortly.

Forums: Play Release 111!

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

Release 111 goes live February 23rd at 10:30 AM CST.

Welcome! The Catnip Games development team marks this monthly release of Shroud of the Avatar with new content and improvements. For Release 111 (R111), we offer wildlife: fish to find and keep in fishtanks and new Brigade bugs to collect.

Please note that the incremental client patch…

Play Release 111!

Forums: Special note for Patching Release 111

Release 111 goes live later this morning and we want to make sure that players are aware of the possibility of a longer patching time than normal.

The incremental client patch going from build 1633 to 1635 may not apply correctly on Windows clients. This is a known issue. If this occurs, the game client will apply the core patch from 0 to 1635. We will publish the patch as soon as possible after R110’s closing so players may begin downloading and applying the update immediately.

Sorry for…

Special note for Patching Release 111

Forums: Double XP and Sales for Valentines day!

We are in the process of activating the below bonus and sales. The Crown Store Sale will go into effect as soon as possible (client patch required).

Double XP February 10th through the 13th

Crown Store Sales 30% off February 10th through the 19th

Crowns of the Obsidians 20% off February 10th through the 19th

Note: Sales usually start and end at Noon. If I am able to, I will activate them early on the date they are supposed to start on and leave them up a little…

Double XP and Sales for Valentines day!

Forums: New QA Server build up and Testing Directive in place!

Please check the patch notes for the QA server in the Player Test Environment area here .

New stuff coming into the game, we are looking to have players test.

Skill Balance

The fix for orphaned items (items that ended up being placed in areas that are not accessible or are not intended to be accessible) is on QA with final adjustments.

Please be sure to…

New QA Server build up and Testing Directive in place!