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Month: July 2023

Forums: Play Release 116!

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

Release 116 goes live July 27th at 10:30 AM CDT.

Welcome! The Catnip Games development team marks this monthly release of Shroud of the Avatar with new content and improvements. For Release 116 (R116), we offer intruders that are not supposed to be in the water and animals that are.

For those wishing to participate in any community activities , upcoming one-time and recurring community…

Play Release 116!

Forums: SotA servers are being impacted by Upgrade work in the Data Center

Our data center has begun intrusive upgrade work without giving us appropriate warning. As per support, the work will be between 2am and 4am CT. I have no indication from them if the intrusion will be intermittent or throughout.

The impact is to the network connectivity only. The game and support servers are still operational.

The forums and website are not impacted as they are not located in the same datacenter.

I have asked them to send out an email to the clients and will be…

SotA servers are being impacted by Upgrade work in the Data Center

Forums: Data Center Maintenance

Our data center has advised that they are doing work on some of the routers that may cause some packet loss during their work window. The window has started (10pm CT) and is expected to be complete by 6AM CT.

They have indicated that the work should have not greater impact than some occasional packet loss. This should not impact game play.

I will send out an update if the work becomes more visible.

Forums: The case of too many shields …

During Friday’s LB Birthday livestream a special shield was handed out to players in attendance. Announcements were made that only one shield per person was allowed.

A very small number of players obtained multiple shields. After the event we audited the logs and reposesed the excess shields. No other actions will be taken, however this does bring to mind the phrase “this is why we cannot have nice things”. As a result, we are now looking into adjusting methods used to distribute…

The case of too many shields …

Forums: SotA Discord not showing any channels

This is just an FYI: Around 5pm CT we noticed that the SotA discord server [in addition to a number of other Discord servers] had a red exclamation point on them and no longer displayed channels.

This appears to have been an issue on the Discord side and is resolved by quitting and restarting your Discord client.

All is well; we were not hacked.

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