2nd Annual Novia Market Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s that time of year again! Novia Market will be having it’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, April 5th, at 1400 NBT!

Where: Novia Market
When: April 5th, 2pm NBT
Duration: 30 minutes

How it will work – Hidden throughout Novia Market will be brightly dyed eggs. Unfortunately, since folks can’t interact with eggs you can’t pick them up. However, placed near each egg will be a sheet of paper with a number on it. Write that number down and when you are done hunting for eggs, send a whisper to Robyn Hood with the numbers that you found! Random prizes will also be awarded for particular eggs (whoever sends me a whisper with the number for that egg first wins – I will announce which eggs I’m looking for prior to event start).

Number of eggs found
1st place: 1500 cotos
2nd place: 750 cotos
3rd place: 250 cotos
Random prizes: Replenishing Spring Equinox Confections Platter, Silver & Gold Lepus Mask, 5 x Decorative Dyable Egg packs.

Best dressed bunny – 2500 cotos to the Avatar with the best Easter-themed costume!