AERIE FUND/CATNIP GAMES – Charity Auction for Catherine Rose

As most of you know, Catherine Rose’s daughter is battling a rare form of cancer, which we highlighted here, and Catnip Games has generously decided to hold an auction for a Lord of the Isle pledge bundle.

The Lord of the Isle bundle includes a tax-free castle lot, any house from the store, crowns, tools titles as well as real-life items such as a ring crafted by Lord British, dinner, a tour, and more. See everything that is in the bundle here:

AERIE Fund will also be matching the money that is raised from the bids, up to $5000.

The Rules

Your bid must be HIGHER than the previous bid (by a minimum of $5 dollars) to be considered.

  • At the end of the auction (8PM Central (US), Sunday March 8th, 2021) the highest bidder will win the LORD OF THE ISLE pledge. We will use the forum timestamp to determine eligible bids.

  • Bids received after 8:00 PM will not be eligible. Not even 1 second late.

  • Bids must be raised by a minimum of $5 dollars per bid. No nickels and dimes!

  • If the highest bidder does not complete payment of their winning bid within 48 hours of winning the auction, they will forfeit their prize to the next highest bidder.

  • The auction will end at 8PM Central (US), Sunday March 8th, 2021.Payment for the bid will be collected by the AERIE Fund and matched up to $5000 to be donated directly to the GoFundMe page.CATNIP GAMES will award the pledge directly to the auction winner through the proper in-game channels (reward system) following the processing of the winning bidder’s payment.

Check out the full details on the original post in the official forums