Announcing the Ayin District!

2 years ago

Lilith Ayin has announced that a new district had opened on Lightbringer Isle.

This is “Ayin District”. It is situated on Lightbringer Isle, a beautiful and welcoming island north of Brittany, with absolutely incredible governors. Thanks to Hemnu and Koimiko for all they have had to put up with me.
My district does not have its own teleporter, but it can be reached directly from the Lightbringer Fields, Private Docks 2 or Secondary Docks 2 teleporters.

Ayin District is made up of a handicraft area, a mansion with a cemetery and a hedge maze, a small farm, a market and a fisherman’s house with a fish market. Each of the areas has its little mysteries.

Like every self-respecting mansion, Ayin Mansion also has a ghost: Grandpa Ayin. And this ghost has a story to tell…

See the full announcement and information here.

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