Annual Valentine’s Dinner & Fashion Show – Sequanna Brasserie 2022

2 years ago

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Sunday February 13th,
2pm to 4pm Central

You are cordially invited to our Valentine Dinner at the beautiful Sequanna Brasserie
A night of fun or romance is waiting for all on the banks of the river in Ordinis Mortis.

This event will be immediately followed by the Sequanna Lingerie Fashion Show.

You can come alone and meet new friends, or with a party, or come as a couple for a quiet night together.
Sitting arrangements are available for everyone, and there is a chair waiting for you.

Join us for the second
Sequanna Lingerie Fashion Show
Located beneath the Sequanna Brasserie Restaurant in Ordinis Mortis
The event will start after the Valentine Dinner at the restaurant

We are looking for male and female models to show their sexy outfits and lingerie.
This is a time to be creative and show your inner diva.
You would like to model, but don’t feel you have the style to pull it off, there are people that like to help.
On the other hand, if you don’t like the attention, but love to create outfits, there is a place for you.

Sunday February 13th,
4pm Central until … ?
(Depends on participants)

To read the full details, check out the post in the forums:

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