Are you moving your POT to Mistrendur? Read the Land Rush information!

4 years ago

Community manager, Elegarion, has made a post that they are preparing for the move of POT’s to the new lands!

Here ye! Here ye! By royal decree, the process details for the Mistrendur land rush has been issued to the peoples of New Britannia and are posted below! The time has come for players which made POT reservations in the new territory to step forward and be heard! Take heed of the following guidance:

The site selections will be made in the sequence the reservation vouchers were purchased but will also utilize a selection bracket concept to group the participants. Selection brackets will assist developers with data entry and will streamline communication with customers during this process.

Each bracket will consist of approximately 15% of those awaiting selection (~20 towns per bracket). Each bracket will last for 3 days before the next bracket commences selection.

  • All brackets begin AND end at Noon CDT

  • Bracket 1: February 29 – March 3

  • Bracket 2: March 3 – March 6

  • Bracket 3: March 6 – March 9

  • Bracket 4: March 9 – March 12

  • Bracket 5: March 12 – March 15

  • Bracket 6: March 15 – March 18

  • Bracket 7: March 18 – March 21

There is A LOT more information you need to know. Check out the post in the forum on how to pick your location and all the information you will need while moving your POT to Misrendur.


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