Atos Q&A Stream for Oct 2

  • Player Create Quest

  • Customizable Game UI

  • Forums will say “ByeBye” to RMT

  • Heritage Items

  • EP2 Lands

  • Focus Regeneration Calculation

4 years ago

Besides the standard stream raffles, Atos (Chris Spears) answered some questions.

Stream Special

Bonus 1500 Crowns and Shogun Crossbow that isn’t in the store yet.

Buy a Crown $100 pack, send Atos an in game make asking for today’s special items.

Player Create Quest

They are looking at using Ink for player quest dialog. They are going to try and get a basic version of the system in before the end of the year.

Customizable Game UI

They are looking at Lua for scripting/customizing the game interface. Again, they are going to try to get a basic version of this in by the end of year.

Forums will say “ByeBye” to RMT

No question about it. Real money transaction are on the way out of the forums. Lots of support tickets the team has to deal with scams from the forums. By doing this, the team can concentrate on adding to the game instead of dealing with these issue.

Heritage Items

These no trade items are here to stay. This reduces the RMT support issues as well as increase income to the company. This also lowers the price for players that want these items. Many items will become heritage items in the future.

EP2 Lands

The lands will not be the whole “snake islands”. But, a small portion of it. About a quarter the size of the Novia land. The new map will hopefully be in by the end of the year so new player owned town (POT) owners can select the location for the new towns.

Focus Regeneration Calculation

focusRegenAmount = (FocusPerSecond + (focusRegen * Focus * 0.01f)) * 5

The in combat focus regenerations is 1/10 out of combat.

FocusPerSecond is adjustable with gear, food, etc.

On the way out, Atos sent the Twitch raid to

The complete stream with all the detail can be found in the VOD at

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