Big trades at the Sunday Swap Meet

Lots of action at this weeks event.

4 years ago

With the Swap Meet you never know what you’re going to get. Some weeks there isn’t a lot happening. Then there are weeks like this one where trades are flying back and forth!

Undoubtedly more than 1 million gold worth of trades happened in the short 1/2 hour meet up.

The Swap Meet happens every Sunday. It defaults to S Mart Factorium (my town) but can be hosted by anyone that volunteers. There is always bank access, so participants don’t have to travel while encumbered. It only lasts half an hour, meaning everyone can get back to their day after a short, exciting event.

Next week it will be hosted 1 hour earlier to accommodate guild meetings. We are still trying to find the sweet spot of timing. It will be in Novia Market.

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