Black Sails, The New Dawn – Captain Boris Mondragon is Dead?!

It is with sad news that Governor Duchess CatherineRose, Pirate Queen of the Black Sails has announced that their Captain, Boris Mondragon, has been killed. She received a messaged from the citital of the Elvin Holds that told the story of how the Obsidians slew the Captain and took his key.

Luckily, the information on how to actually use the key is safe within the mind of the Arkah. The Duchess has vowed to destroy the Obsidians and continue the work of Captain Boris. She spoke these words:

We plan to carry on the work our beloved leader, Captain Boris Mondragon, started many years ago. As you all know he was wounded during the last great battle in Luna City. During his attempt to recover from his wounds he went into the very dangerous area of The Rise to search for a strange key which when placed along with something which we have just found information about that would bring the final destruction of our known world of Novia or finally rid our land of the evil Obsidians.

Many weep for his loss. Many promise to avenge him.

The Black Sails now plan to sail to Blood Bay. They are not alone. Other ships have gathered and joined them to cross the sea and hopefully retrieve the key.

Will they find Boris’ body? Or perhaps Boris himself? Will they be able to defeat the Obsidians?

This will be a story the bards will sing about for years to come!

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