BMC Offering 1mil Gold to Fishing Contest Winner

Posted by Guildleader and Owner of Blackrock Cove, Eziekial Cooper:

Yes folks, it’s that time again. RELEASE 100 IS LIVE!
This release, the BMC is proud to host anglers from all over the digital world to try their luck in the waters of Blackrock Cove, owned by yours truly.

Need bait? You’ll find a freshly stocked bait shop on the docks when you enter the city. To show the BMC’s appreciation to all those that visit our illustrious city, we make this pledge.

If the 1st place specimen is caught in Blackrock Cove in this month’s fishing tournament, the BMC will add 1,000,000gp to the 1st place contestant.

Again, thank you all for the glorious years in Shroud of the Avatar and the BMC wishes the best of luck to all of the fishing tournament contestants.

– Zeke

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