BridgeTroll Day Screenshot Contest! Ends Saturday!

Did you know that September 2 was Bridgetroll’s birthday? This, of course, means that it has been proclaimed Bridge Troll Day!

To celebrate, sadboy is having a screenshot contest!

In case you did not know yesterday (Sept. 2) was Bridgetroll’s birthday.
we must obviously proclaim this day forever in history as Bridge Troll Day.

NOW in order to honor this Day properly we need to have an epic giveaway.

20k gold and 100 cotos to the winner.

5k gold and 20 cotos to runner up(s).

Turn graphics up for the pic if you are able to. Try to remove UI to make it look pretty.

Upload to twitter and tag #BridgeTrollDay on the twitter post.

@eslendermaan on the post so that I do NOT miss it.

Winner will be announced Saturday night so you have until then to get in game and take some pictures. You can submit multiple screenshots.

Screenshots with Bridgetroll in them will get bonus pts. during judging.

Other then that please be creative and remember what we are honoring.

So get out there and take some great screenshots! And also go find Bridgetroll and make him pose with you!

See some of the entries on the original forum post: