Britt Mart Fishing Tournament Highlights and Comedy!

4 years ago

“Hehehe, I love this game…or maybe it's the crazy people who play it.” - Witcheypoo Kelabra

“Hehehe, I love this game…or maybe it’s the crazy people who play it.”

Witcheypoo Kelabra

Britt Mart is a beautiful town, south of Brittany, governed by Tailz Suvorov..  The spacious bay, with floating platforms scattered in the water, makes Britt Mart well suited for a fishing tournament. There is plenty of room to search for the secret center of the fishing kingdom where the lunker swims!

Ozzy Questor hosted this 1-day tournament and it was a doozy with seven categories of competition and all sorts of prizes that he donated!  Additionally, Ozzy had smaller events during the tourney: four hidden jars of worms on his island city lot where winners received a “Jump” potion. Plus, a random “first to catch a sharp tooth catfish” out of the Observatory Dungeon. The winner received 150 Cotos.

“I just decided I wanted to hold an event and Tailz backed me up on it and was very helpful getting the flyer ready and posting it in the forums.  He also helped with the Event Document and donated the 100 drudge Leeches.  Sounds like Tailz also had something going on for all who caught a Shark.” Ozzy Questor

Thanks to both Ozzy and Tailz for being so generous and giving the community an event to remember!


Irishize – Sailfish

Serenia Mellorian – Shark and Marlin

Engel – Swordfish and Amberjack

Cleome Arachnid – Large Mahi Mahi

Strider Green – Blue Fin Tuna

If you missed the tournament, here are some comical highlights from the Zone. Warning – you may laugh out loud!

Sage Wise, “Still trying to catch that Mermaid. I know she is in there somewhere I keep finding her gloves and boots.”

Witcheypoo Kelabra, “Do mermaids wear boots?”

Cleome Arachnid, “Just in Britt Mart Witchey.”

Sage Wise dribbles some fish oil in the water. Rubs his belly singing, “Chummy, Chummy time for Rummy!”

Serenia Mellorian, “Ozzzzy, Sage is polluting again! Breaking news! Britt Mart burned to the ground when innocent fisherman lights a match near Sagewise’s fishing spot.”

Copper Head, “Is fishing up a cloth helm a sign of a shark nearby?”

Flair Minamoto, “No there is nakid people nearby.”

Witcheypoo Kelabra, “Just danged skinny dippers scaring off all the fish!” *shakes fist*

Böse Fingern, “I caught a herring! Now I can chop down the tallest tree in the forest!”

Cue reference to Monty Python, hilarity ensues.  And so, it goes.  This is your community folks, filled with comic genius that comes as naturally as breathing.  Why would you want to attend a fishing tournament?  To catch some laughs! 

Serenia Mellorian, “Strider’s back! Now we can blame the town burning down on him!”

Witcheypoo Kelabra, “That should improve Sage’s night!”

Flair Minamoto, “Who let Strider in?”

Böse Fingern, “Not I. Honest!”

Fionwyn Wyldemane, “Witcheypoo did!”

Witcheypoo Kelabra, “Nuh uh! I was just mindlessly fishing!”

Strider Green, “Hi Fionwyn Wyldemane. Not hi to mean old Flair Minamoto.”

Flair Minamoto, “WHAT???!!!”

Fionwyn Wyldemane, “Oh, them’s fighting words.”

Flair Minamoto, “Don’t make me come beat you Strider.”

Strider Green, “Be nice Flair Minamoto or I will come HUG you.”

Flair Minamoto, “EEEWWWWW!”

Witcheypoo Kelabra, “Hehehe, I love this game…or maybe it’s the crazy people who play it.”

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