Build Number 1308 – Mount exchange, bug fixes, light counts increased

3 years ago

Build Number 1308- November 5th, 4:00PM


  • New quest that allows players to exchange tamed horses for mounts

  • Bug polish to Rhun Ruins

  • Fixed sink home in Desert player owned town Template

  • Spindrift Passage: Fixed the compass marker for the Serpent’s Spine Mine exit.

  • Solace Bridge: The upper waterfall’s compass marker is now correctly labeled as “Upper Falls.”

  • Forest Cave: Closed off a gap in the outer walls that was open to space outside the non-playable are

  • XPs for high level elementals, elemental bosses, daemons all increased

  • Loot added to boss fights in The Breach

  • POT Port Royal: Corrected the exit target to be in Mistrendur instead of another overworld

  • Fix for new foal runes/tooltips showing as “?Summon_Foal_Dun_StoreOnly?” etc.

  • Light counts for POTs increased

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