Build Number 1372 – March 28th

Build Number 1372 – March 28th, 6:00AM


  • Several loot table fixes

  • Fixes for the practice dummy

  • New POT: Mossrest

  • Well of Aldur: Fixed an issue where one of the scholar’s transcribed letters had content that duplicated another one. Both now have unique content.

  • Braemar: Updated Bridget Helvig’s responses to help ensure she only gives out her banner reward once. SOTA-68871

  • Well of Aldur: Fixed a stuck spot that was between two fallen pillars. SOTA-68870

  • Necropolis Barrens: Players who already have a “dead body” when talking to Davropos about dead bodies for the first time will now get a reward if they accept his quest at that time. SOTA-68872

  • Necropolis Barrens: Fixed an issue where Davropos would give the wrong journal entry when offering the “dead bodies” quest for the first time. SOTA-68873

  • Removed artifact flag from Faerie Belt. SOTA-68843

  • Numerous error fixes that were filling up some log files.

  • NPC building roof in Kingsport should no longer distort with camera movement SOTA-68803

  • Vendors who are “Stale” will no longer sit down.

  • Combat block and parry are no longer capped at 75 and instead scale more slowly in their effect above that value

  • Pink elves have been eradicated (for now….)