Build Number 1374 & 1375

3 years ago

Build Number 1375 – April 1st, 8:00AM


  • Fixes for party icons vanishing in some situations

  • Adjustments to party bar spacing to not conceal pet bar

  • Update to POT Mossrest to change to a new Forest biome

  • Update to POT Merri’s Hideaway biome, now Island, and location on map

  • Updates for tooltips to some agriculture items

Build Number 1374 – March 31st, 1:00PM


  • Highvale Outskirts: Fixed an issue where a large boulder was blocking access to some tunnels. SOTA-68890

  • Brittany Graveyard work for lost players area

  • Curtains in Northwood Manor no longer sort incorrectly SOTA-68105

  • Fixed mount animation playing twice when dismounting. SOTA-68893

  • Buffs for party members will no longer show unless they are targeted. This can be reenabled in the interface UI. This should offer a modest performance improvement in busy party combat situations

  • Crafting stations may now be places on other items such as castle walls

  • Ransom has been disabled for this release while a bug is addressed and balance is reevaluated

  • Most taming skills will advance more slowly though not require more experience

  • Necropolis Barrens: Fixed an issue where Davropos would request a dead body and not provide a reward. SOTA-68872

  • Spectral Mines: Added “piles of gore” to the arch lapin cave to provide additional means for players to obtain the bones required for the arch lapin quest. SOTA-68889

  • Saddle & Bags with Stand – fixed LOD issue with legs SOTA-68672

  • Slightly raised top of collision mesh for Grave Marker Obelisk SOTA-68851

  • Icon for voice training added SOTA-68800

  • Fixes for dozens of erroneous error messages that could hinder performance

  • Update to object loading that should improve loading performance of decos in player towns

  • Mounts can now be used from inventory even if locked

  • Shadow Bears and Shadow Wolves now have a small chance to drop the artifact spirit helm for their species.

  • The Helm of the Wolf Spirit now only drops from high tier wolves, with the Destroyers having the most chance.

  • The Helm of the Bear Spirit now only drops from high tier bears, with the Destroyers having the most chance.

  • The Helm of the Stag Spirit now only drops on T10 stags such as the Noble Stag in Tanglemire.

  • Destroyer boars no longer drop the Bear, Wolf, or Stag Spirit Helms, but they have a significantly higher chance to drop the non-species specific taming artifacts.

  • All obsidian creatures now only drop obsidian carcasses and at similar rates.

  • Fixed one artifact excessive bear loot table.

  • Owl’s Head: Created new version of Farmhouse Ale (same basic stats as generic ale) and reconnected Farmhouse Ale to Morton for his “quest” to obtain a drink. SOTA-68875

  • Fixed issue with belts missing from recipe classifications

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