Build Number 1507 – February 11th


  • Enabled holiday deed upgrade sale!

  • Sunless Barrens: Geyser sound effects throughout the scene have been lowered and their drop-off ranges reduced. SOTA-70187

  • New overhead map for Demig’s Battlecamp Scene

  • New overhead map for Artifice Entrance Scene

  • New overhead map for Boreas Colossus Scene

  • Fixed visuals for young snow tiger

  • Ore Nodes: Corrected the scale on numerous Tier 5 ore nodes in a large number of scenes.

  • Tanglemire: Corrected the size of oversized ore nodes.SOTA-70157

  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: Improved the logic to remove the “Mention Ebon Dawn to Scout” compass marker. SOTA-70153

  • Fix: Some fix for lua that prevent user from playing after unloading scripts

Patch Notes: