Can you solve the murder in Blackrock Cove?

Last night, a murder most foul!

Today, the hunt begins.

4 years ago

Today begins the quest Murder in Blackrock Cove. This Halloween inspired event will have players searching Novia for clues to solve a murder.

Put your detective hat on! You will need to search Novia for clues and information, then when you think you know who the killer is, send an in-game mail to Thradia.

Here is an excerpt from the forum thread:

Last night, after a night of drinking at the Lock Lake Tavern, a few BMC guild members were stumbling to their homes, when they heard shouting somewhere in the dark.
As they ran towards the voices they found a man collapsed on the ground with a
the knife plunged into his chest.

In the distance, a figure was seen running out of the city.
A few took chase but lost the figure as they slipped into the woods outside of Blackrock Cove.

Still dazed from their night of drinking, the BMC put out a call to the citizens of Novia to help them solve the mystery of what happened that night in their normally safe and peaceful city.

Check out the thread for the full information on how to get started on this quest here:

Will you be able to solve the mystery? Or will you become another victim?

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