Catnip Games Tweets This Week – September 13-19

Catch up on all the tweets posted by Atos and Catnip Games!

3 years ago

Catnip Games Tweets This Week September 13-19

In case you missed Atos’ tweets/updates over the last week – here is a recap:

September 14

Looking into Mounts not working on QA. Seems even with the correct mount, the anims play, the effects work, but the horse never shows up!

September 15

Good news, looks like we’ve worked out the last few kinks with adding new in game maps. Should have some news ones for the next release!

New QA version with food channel system but no tool tips to show you what is going on with food! Also, maps for Tanglemire should be in this version.

September 16

Alcohol buffs just about done. The “Intoxication” buff has always been misleading as it had a duration but really just added the number once and it slowly declined over time. This will now be listed as instant and an effect will be listed that will be the buff with a duration

Also, with a few exceptions here and there, Beer = melee, wine = casters, whiskey = producers. A few exceptions like easiest beer = fishing buff, 25-year whiskey = adv/prod levels. I’ll get it on QA today for some much-needed testing!

September 17

Apologies, I got wrapped up in some work stuff and forgot to stream yesterday. I’ll try and get on early for my Friday stream for more Q&A!

A new QA build went live yesterday afternoon with the alcohol buffs in it. Also should include a tooltip for how many slots it takes up. Still need better language/help on that stuff.

Just confirmed the fix for mounts. QA build about to kick-off!

New QA build out that fixes some of the issues with mounts, like the one where you couldn’t see the horse you were riding on! :O

September 18

Even newer QA build live with fixes for the whiskey buffs, lots of new castle and deco surface work by Elgarion, the double duration for most shield spells, a few more spells set to persist past scene changes, and more.

Apologies to the person I mocked about trivializing adding mounts to the game. I forgot who it was but turns out they are a good friend. Didn’t mean anything personal. Just a touchy spot when people oversimplify adding big systems to a BIG game. Thanks for you support buddy

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