Catnip just waived 20k in payments for new Episode 2 towns

In an incredibly generous move, Catnip announced that all new Episode 2 towns are now paid in full. Players originally put a $500 deposit down, and were expecting to pay $400 more at some time in the future.

Instead, their towns are paid for!

Players wishing to upgrade the town size will still pay the same price as before for the next tier, so at that point the $400 will be paid. But for the time being, everyone has a Holdfast!

New town reservations (Episode 2 Player Owned Town with Overland Access Reservations) were originally sold as reservation vouchers for $500 with intent to collect $400 more upon delivery for actual town creation at the Holdfast size. We’ve decided, that instead of immediately collecting the $400 to acquire the smallest town size known as a Holdfast, to offer this by default at the already paid for price of $500. The $400 would not be collected unless they decide to upgrade the town at a later time, as the discount would automatically reinsert itself into the upgrade cost for the first upgrade performed by the town. We’re considering this an introductory price concept for these new town owners so that they may experience Holdfast town ownership as quickly as possible.

Additionally, taking player advice, they have pushed the land rush back two weeks. The new starting date is March 14.