@CatnipGames tweets Shroud of the Avatar development news

Here’s some highlights for the last few days

4 years ago

In case you missed it, you missed a lot! Chris has caught the Twitter bug and is now tweeting his work as the day goes on. Ten tweets yesterday alone!

If this keeps up it bodes well for communication with the players, as we’re getting to quickly see the nitty gritty in short digestible chunks.

If you’re not on Twitter you can still see the news in real time via a channel in the Shroud of the Avatar Discord server, and we’ve got one at The Avatar Express Discord server as well. If you join us in the news server, you will also see when new stories are posted here.

Here’s a quick recap of news from the tweetstorm (all this is for tomorrows release):

  • Multishot first hits damage increased to offset the previous PvE Damage fix

  • 3 new gear stats, Silent Movement Duration, Heavy and Light Armor Set bonus

  • Artifact Leather Bandit Armor

  • Dig In in Shield tree gets buffed, adding 50 block + 10 points per 5 seconds it is on, plus aggro boost

  • Solar Flare in Sun tree gets buffed, but costs more at night, plus fixed and specialization bonus

  • Loot nearest corpse, finding them not required!

  • In game prizes from weeks ago going out

  • New Loot Bundles for Tartarus, which include the leather artifacts

  • Load time baking system, looks FABULOUS! Boosts FPS.

  • Fixed bug with level and skill caps on scenes

  • Tamed Pet Summoning FYI; this skill sets the max level your pet can be, so level it up if your pet is weak

  • Death Shield Nerf means all Death skills are 100% XP return if you dump them

  • Wizardsmoke fixed critical deco bug

  • Lua bindings work has begun

  • Teleporters to NPC town coming due to player request, Owls Head and Central Brit are in

Whew! Lets hope Chris keeps posting, it’s an information dump that we don’t usually have access to.

And don’t forget, tomorrow is Release Day!

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