Character Name Amnesty!

1 year ago

Ravalox posted in the offical forums:

As seen on last week’s stream:

All during the month of July, we are offering an amnesty to any players who have character names that violate the Community Guidelines/TOS.

This means that if you know or think you mane may violate the naming rules, we are providing a chance to contact support and get your character’s name changed for free.

After July is over, we will be changing names that are in violation using a Fae name generator. If your character name is changed at that point a name-change voucher will need to be purchased on the website to get it changed to something preferable.

Please note that this is ONLY for names that are in violation of the naming policies. If you are unsure if your character name is at risk, then please send an email to and ask. We will be happy to advise if your name will be at risk of a forced change due to the naming policy.

Naming Policy

The name policy applies to in-game avatar names (including both summoned and tamed pets), forum display names, and any official communication channels which are under moderation by Catnip Games staff (this includes Discord, Facebook and Twitch). Names used must not suggest or directly include any of the following aspects:

  • Non-alphabetical characters (single spaces for multiple words are allowed, this is mostly a consideration for in-game name and the forums display name)
  • Advertisements
  • Religious ideologies
  • Famous persons
  • Copywritten/Trademarked
  • Pornographic/Sexual references
  • Catnip Games/Portalarium staff (prior or present) Impersonation or Mockery
  • Player Impersonation or Mockery
  • Intellectual Property Not Belonging to Player (Proof of IP ownership is required)
  • Racial slurs
  • Illegal activities
  • Threats of in-game or real world violence
  • Referring to sensitive topics, including Religion, Race, Orientation, or other matters of a political or personal nature
  • Pledge titles (including but not limited to: Lord, Lady, Baron, Benefactor, Founder, Citizen, Knight, etc.)

With regards to forum display names and in-game character names, if your name is identified as being in violation of the policy, we will change the character name. If the player is online, they will receive an in game notice (in chat).

With regards to screen names at various other official Catnip Games communication channels, your account will be banned/hidden/blocked from participating within SotA controlled areas. Upon a name change conducive to rules & guidelines above, you’re account’s participation status may be restored, at our discretion.

If you wish to have the name we designate changed, please submit a support ticket to Note that each request will require one $25 service voucher per request after Character Name Amnesty is over.

We reserve the right to make the final decision on all name changes. We do not accept name change requests that are in violation of the naming policy.

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