Chris teases a game changer (Customizable UI)

Potential Lua Implementation?

4 years ago

During his latest stream, Chris said something that could lead to a huge improvement of the user experience.

While still in the design phase, the Devs are trying to finalize a plan for Lua integration. Ultimately this will let players modify the user interface.

Lua is a programming language used successfully in many other games, including WoW, to modify the user interface. In WoW, for example, numerous user-created UI elements, many better than the original, can be downloaded to improve the game experience.

Chris, and many players (myself included) are hoping for similar effects in Shroud of the Avatar. Possible uses range from movable UI element to customizing the display of combat feedback, to entirely rebuilt windows.

But that is all just hoping for the moment, we’ll have to wait to hear more as the plan finalized.

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