Confectionery Delicious’s Dirty Rolling Pin Challenge

2 years ago

Timelord has posted a contest that is happening where EVERYONE wins! Just collect those dirty rolling pins.

This has been posted in the forums:

In this contest nobody loses everybody wins because with each and every Dirty Rolling Pin donated by mail until we reach 300, a special confection with +25 skill learning speed boost for a full hour is sent back by mail in return!

You read that right everybody wins, nobody loses !’

So don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t master debate about it, just gather up all those dirty rolling pins you have quickly and send them immediately to: in-game name “TimeLord” and get your winning confections sent back to you by mail,
almost immediately !’

But that’s not all …
For Our Grand Prize Winner,

Our 300th Dirty Rolling Pin donated, no matter if you donated more than 100 or just a single Dirty Rolling Pin, our grand prize winner will not only recieve their +25 skill learning speed confection, but they will also be the winner of 10, that’s right 10 “Black Cutworm Cupcakes” which provide +200 health for 2 hours when eaten!

So Don’t sell those Dirty Rolling Pins to NPCs,

Discover the real inner you !’

and send all those dirty rolling pins you have to in-game name ~TimeLord~ and become a delicious winner today!


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