Dev Stream: “Quick update stream and then on to a guild meeting!”

2 years ago

All timestamps are of the “timestamp-ish” variety

0:12:00 “patent troll”

0:17:00 Elgarion is taking a lesser roll (moving to part time) to starting a IRL pub with friends

0:18:00 Looking for community members to help out

0:21:00 Sickness hit the team and Sannio lost hero (dog) as well

0:22:00 new cats on the way

0:24:00 quest journal overhaul nearly complete (next release?)

0:26:00 being able to gift item from the store is coming back soon

0:27:20 mostly bug fixes this release

0:31:00 guild meeting starts

0:33:30 2022 vision stuff

0:34:30 “Grusk” city will be an Episode city (soon)

0:35:00 Unity upgrade pushed off a bit

0:37:00 POT terraforming back on the plate again

0:38:00 Custom placed houses on lots is close

0:39:00 Chris is planning to promise less and finish more things to 100%

0:40:00 Login reward items will be less new stuff so more artist time can be spend on better things

0:42:00 Dances for pets may no longer block new pets from going in game

0:44:00 More skill on the way

0:44:33 More PVP/Faction work

0:46:00 Discussion about custom placed houses on lots (deco limit, etc)

0:52:00 COTO store discussion (single item instead of set, etc)

0:55:30 Experience attenuation discussion

0:58:00 New skill discussion (need more artists to speed things up)

1:06:00 Big Cat discussion (loot, heads, etc)

1:09:30 Lot only teleporters

1:11:00 Dungeon controls (disable night-vision, etc)

1:14:00 Red/Green items in Britteny (stealing) discussion

1:22:30 Store position typeo and Meticulous Collection discussion

1:24:30 Bludgeon skills

1:30:00 Reward Program & Login Rewards issue

1:33:00 Dyes discussion

1:36:00 Graphics setting to disable distracting affects (flashing lights etc)

1:44:00 Fishing and general Trophy metadata stuff

1:47:00 More Elgarion and the IRL pub

1:50:00 Voice Emotes (wav files, etc)

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