Double Experience + Sales with Valentine’s Day Weekend

To make sure you spend quality time in Novia with your special someone this Valentine’s day weekend and encourage players to stay home and stay safe, we are turning on a sales event and DOUBLE experience points starting Friday, February 11th, at noon and running them through Tuesday at noon! Enjoy your weekend safe at home with Shroud and see you in game!

Valentine’s Day Sales Event

In observance of Valentine’s day, various rewards and sales will start at noon today:

  • +100% Adventure and Crafting EXP

  • Holdfast Player-Owned Towns 20% Off!

  • 2-Hour Flash Sale Items 20% Off!

  • Crowns of the Obsidian 20% Off!

  • Deed Upgrades 20% Off!

  • Episode 2 Access $4 Off!

  • New Character Slots $2 Off!

All sale & reward items last until Tuesday, February 15th at Noon CT!

Stay safe and happy Valentine’s day, Avatars!