Feedback for Winston’s Ideas

If you didn’t know yet, Winston has joined the SOTA team and is throwing out some different ideas for in game events. He is looking for feedback on these ideas and would love your input!

Dance in a Dungeon

How about having a Dance (party) in a Dungeon? Could be a SotA scene or a player dungeon.
Has this been done before here, or anything similar?
Idea is that:

  • People dance, perhaps with a DJ and everything, while monsters attack!

  • Players can guard the dancers and party goers and see if they can keep the monsters from disrupting anyone dancing. Good luck with that, eh?

  • Could be in:

    • a SotA scene that looks like an interesting place to have a party

    • a player dungeon (that could be deco’d and spawners put in)

    • scenes over time at Tier 3, 5, 10, etc. Start small to see if this could even work.

  • Twitch streamers could stream this on their channel with song by song, attack by attack commentary.

Discuss this ideas here:

Monthly Fishing Tournament

I have ideas for regularly updated Leaderboards for the Monthly Fishing Tourney throughout the month and would like your feedback. These Leaderboards would show essentially “current standings” in the tournament.


My goal is to make the Fishing Tourneys more visible and help players find out where they currently stand as the Tournament progresses.

I would prototype this first with text output to the SotA Forums here in a new thread, perhaps updated daily. The board info would change day to day on who is in the lead and in the Top 10 for each of the 4 Fishing Tournament categories (POT, NPC, PVP, and Lava).

The Leaderboard would show at least Player Name and Length of fish in each category. It may or may not show location/town caught in at first. It would de-dupe players who catch several fish in the same category, and just show their longest fish.

What are the pros and cons of this idea? Thoughts?

Discuss the idea here:

Where in New Britannia is Winston?

I am coming up with more ideas for in-game events for the players. Some of these run by themselves, like the Catnip Games Monthly Fishing Tournaments and Treasure Hunts. Others are done LIVE with Winston (and/or others) in the game and the event is conducted live.

I drafted a “Where in New Britannia is Winston?” somewhat based on the old game “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago?”

My draft idea and details are on my User Pages on here:

Here are some details:

Player Experience

  • Winston is somewhere in New Britannia.

  • Clues are given out every 5 minutes to help reveal Winston’s location in Universe Chat.

  • Entire game lasts no more than 1 hour.

  • First person(s) to find Winston win the prize(s).

Prize(s) vary depending on number of players who find Winston.

  • ALL players get a Bulletin Board hand-crafted, hand-written note from Winston.

  • One player – a large item (e.g., deco or wearable item from the Store)

  • A couple of players – medium items (e.g., Obsidian Potions)

  • A lot of players in a big group – (e.g., fireworks)

What do you folks think of this? What are the pros and cons?

As an aside: I already conduct some LIVE “Decode Winston’s Message” games in Universal Chat every few days. (I will document that game on SotAWiki too.)

Discuss Idea here: