Free Homes/Vendors For New Players in Brittany Fort

Are you homeless? Brittany Fort offers rent-free homes for players while they are getting started in the game. Now, Sonja has graciously placed 4 public vendors for everyone to use, to also help new players sell their wares and make some gold!

✨ Greetings everybody! ✨

I’ve added four public commission free vendors at the entrance of Brittany Fort that everybody is very welcome to use! If you’re a new arrival to Britannia these pubic vendors will be particularly helpful to you since you won’t have to pay the fees required at the normal public vendors and you won’t lose your unsold goods after a week. Everybody is welcome to use these public vendors, you don’t need to be a resident. Please write or ask me for access and I will happily add you.

If you are interested, check out the forum thread for more information, or contact Sonja on the forums