Friday Livestream Q&A notes

4 years ago

I finally had time to listen to the Q&A Livestream from Friday. Here is a bunch of stuff I wrote down:

  • Dungeon entrances can be placed on the second floor

  • Probably new POT templates and they will have the new foliage

  • Maybe an underground lava template

  • Upcoming POT spawners for stuff like cats and deer mean practice dummies will be POT placeable

  • Crafting stations will be POT placeable

  • Masterwork and Enchanting Taming Necklaces will happen some day

  • Tamers (& summons?) will get an entire skill bar for their pet skills in Episode 2

  • Trophy data is coming to agriculture and trophy heads

  • Musical artifacts won’t get upgraded to the new system until Bard skills get worked on, probably Q1 of next year

  • Hoping to get our player NPCs to be able to emote when we make their dialog

  • Player GM events will lead to players normally being able to have more than one summon, an army of skeletons perhaps

  • List is working on the new landmass this release and probably next as well

  • More houses should work with exterior holiday lights. If you’re having an issue, submit a bug report with the specific house.

  • In the backlog: Chaos socketing and POT owners dynamically placing their entrance

  • Next patch (maybe) floating orbs like Heart of Vrul placeable as deco

  • Crystal Sword will be placeable as deco soon

  • If LUA doesn’t make it into a patch this release, QA will come early with it

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