Friday May 15th Stream with Atos and Elgarion. Q&A and prizes

4 years ago

The stream was about 1 hour 19 minutes long and you can watch the whole thing at


  • 00:06:45 – Elgarion said he’s thinking of setting up a PvP down run by the devs for monthly events. Could be a ton of fun!

  • 00:07:40 – stream officially starts

  • 00:08:00 – Chris said we’ll be trying Unity 2019.3 for this months game release. Full year newer then our current version. Hoping many of the crashes have been fixed. Should be on QA this weekend.

  • 00:12:30 – coal nodes will give more than 1-2 nugget per drop

  • 00:13:45 – /stuck timer lowered to 10 seconds

  • 00:13:50 – deed sales this weekend

  • 00:14:00 – some artifacts are getting durability updates

  • 00:14:20 – maticulous collections will get the xp boost for skinning. More skinning improvements coming.

  • 00:19:20 – Question: Will there be Player Owned Town upgrade in the near future? They are already on sale

  • 00:19:35 – Details for POT crown upgrades, town mergers, town’s for sales, etc are in the works

  • 00:20:33 – Question: Any update on the streamer program? IRL got in the way of the team member working on it. Chris will try to get the streamer bundles (for giveaways) working. Maybe this release.

  • 00:22:30 – There is a streamer’s section in the forums now.

  • 00:25:18 – Question: I other a plan to upgrade the render pipeline for better graphics? Not an easy upgrade and may not be worth the effort or risk.

  • 00:28:00 – Will the crown shop * popup every time the sales refresh? Yes, the do.

  • 00:28:30 – Prizes

  • 00:29:30 – Patch deploy!!!

  • 00:30:35 – Question: When are you going to remove rusty spatulas from loot? Never. Might be useful in the near future.

  • 00:32:50 – Question: Did you nerf the drop rate for artifacts from death metal slims? Nope.

  • 00:33:55 – Question: Don’t you think the time has come for epic (4x) level artifacts? Planned. Will also fix salvage output for combined artifacts.

  • 00:36:30 – Question: Can we get the ability to add chaos to wands, etc? Good idea.

  • 00:37:11 – Question: Different properties from different colored dragons when making headdress? Good idea.

  • 00:37:45 – Question: What’s the status of the PVP queue system? Work is starting on it soon. Will not make this release.

  • 00:41:45 – Question: Is the new Unity version for Linux and Windows? Yes, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

  • 00:42:40 – Question: Can we get a stack-all button for the bank and containers? On the list.

  • 00:45:58 – Question: Can you add a way to run a sale on player vendors? Maybe. Might be a way to import/export vendor prices from CSV

  • 00:46:50 – Bug: Shogun cloak still breaks down as a Darkstarr cloak. Will be fixed.

  • 00:47:20 – Bug: Tamed pet still broke. Reverts to defensive on scene change. Will take a look.

  • 00:48:00 – Question: Is the current state of the game grinder or fun? It’s up to how you want to play it.

  • 00:54:00 – Question: Big cats? Working on it

  • 00:58:-00 – Fishing contest results!!!!

  • 01:00:55 – Stream prizes!!!!

  • 01:03:25 – Community events!!!!

  • 01:06:10 – Chris is looking and food and alcohol buff improvements

  • 01:12:45 – Chris said he’s looking at fishing improvements

  • 01:15:45 – Raid went to Commissarvodka

  • 01:18:45 – Stream ends

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