Go Fund Me for Justin Gilbert (OneandOnly) Set up by Atos

Sadly, today we have news from Chris “Atos” Spears that team member OneandOnly lost his wife, Jenn. If you can, please donate to help this family out, as they also have just adopted a baby girl 🙁

Monday, Justin Gilbert, one of my best friends and coworkers for more than a decade lost, Jenn, his wife and partner of more than 20 years suddenly. This would be horrific for anyone but in this case it followed less than a month after losing his dad. To make it worse from a financial standpoint, it comes in the same year when they were stretched thin financially due to the expenses from adopting a baby girl who is now without her mom. I know everyone has had a rough 2020 but this is one of the best human beings I know and he could use a little help as he gets ready to try and figure out how to restart his life without the only partner he’s known since freshman year of high school.

For those in the Shroud of the Avatar community, you know Justin as OneAndOnly and he has been a critical team member since the very start.

You can find the Go Fund Me page here: https://gf.me/u/y4u6m5