Hard Times For a Wonderful SOTA Community Member, CatherineRose

3 years ago

It has been sad news today to learn that CatherineRose’s daughter is battling cancer. We all know how hard this last year has been and battling cancer on top of everything else is not easy. Here is a bit of the story:

Wendy really needs our help! In September of this past year after experiencing some signs that something was not right in her body she had several tests done. In October, doctor’s diagnosed her with a rare and aggressive form of Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The Stage 3B tumor located in her pelvic area & lymph has affected her bowel function and will require surgery within the next week before any treatment for the cancer can begin.

These circumstances have brought many challenges. Through learning of her diagnosis and due to the aggression of the cancer, Wendy has no longer been able to work. Her expenses are continuing to pile up. Wendy is in urgent need of financial support to help offset her loss of income and pay for medical bills and treatment costs that insurance will not cover.

If you can, please donate. Every little bit helps. And if you can’t donate money, be sure to reach out and let CatherineRose know that we are here for her as a community.

You can see and donate at the Go Fund Me page here:

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