Help Choose a Channel Points Respec for Coswald!

Posted by Gwendolyn Obscuro:

For those who are not aware, @CoswaldDirthmire regularly streams Shroud of the Avatar on Twitch. On many twitch channels, including Coswald’s, stream viewers earn channel points which can be redeemed for various rewards set up by the streamer. Two of the possible channel point redemptions on Coswald’s stream allow the redeemer to choose a build/ which specializations Coswald will play for a period of two weeks. The number of channel points required is dependent on how interesting, complicated or torturous the suggested build is.

Which leads me to this contest… I have a pile of channel points and want to let forum users and other twitch viewers help me pick a build to force Coswald into! For approximately two weeks this thread will be accepting build suggestions and commentary on those suggestions. Then between July 14th and July 17th (exact date to be determined) there will be a vote held on Coswald’s stream for viewers to choose a winning build and for the channel points to be redeemed! The winner will have their build played by Coswald for approximately two weeks and will also win 100,000 in game gold! In the case of a tie the build to be redeemed will be chosen at random and the gold will be split amongst the winners.

There will be a limit of two build suggestions per person. For the sake of organization and discussion please format your build suggestion as shown:

Build Name – So commenters have an easy way to refer to your suggestion.

Build Specs – Choose up to 2 specializations and if less than two are listed then specify if Coswald can choose the remaining specs himself or needs to leave them open/unspec’d.

Build Summary – Tell us the general flavor of the build you want to see. If Coswald finds the build interesting and friendly enough he will try to stick to your general intentions.

Build Rules – This is my favorite part and is what really makes the channel point redemption interesting. What restrictions do you have for Coswald during this build? The ‘meaner’ the build the more air tight you need to make the rules. Depending on the build suggested Coswald will be doing his best to make you happy or doing his best to find some loopholes! This is also where forum discussion can help- if you think of a rule that would fit well with a suggested build post it in the comments and maybe the original suggester will modify their submission to include your rule.

Example of a build I had Coswald respec to previously translated to this format:
Build Name: Slow Coswald Down
Build Specs: Heavy armor spec with either shield or earth spec.
Build Summary: General idea is slow but strong, but you can decide if you restrict yourself from other speed buffs.
Build Rules: No chaotic feedback, spellbinder stance, berserker stance, reckless stance or anthem of alacrity (except for agriculture purposes)
I would strongly prefer no swiftness sash or wicked king gems.

(Note that at the time I only had points for the cheaper respec and wasn’t sure where the line was between the two options. In this case I have enough points for the more expensive options so list whatever rules you’d like!)

I am looking forward to seeing your suggestions! And whether or not you have any ideas here please tune in to Coswald’s stream or some of our other amazing twitch streamers! Twitch streams are a great place to ask questions, learn something new or just provide a bit of background noise while you play shroud!

Fine Print: Coswald reserves some rights for respecs- he will unlearn adventuring skills but not crafting skills, if chaotic feedback is prohibited he will not use it in battle but will still use it for agriculture, depending on if he is using a greater unlearning scroll or multiple lesser ones he may have other skills still trained even if he’s not allowed to use them and of course skills only untrain to the level required to learn the skills below them on the skill tree. Gwendolyn reserves the right to modify build suggestions but will attempt to only do so to comply with the intentions of the build.

See more details and information on the SOTA Forums:

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