Help Raise Money for Extra Life with vulcanjedi!

Every year gamers around the world raise money for Children’s Hospitals. Children’s Hospitals across rely on donations in order to give the care that is needed to many children.

In 2020, Extra Life raised over $17.4 million dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Our very own SoTA player, vulcanjedi, works hard every year to raise money for this great charity. His goal this year is $1000 and he is well on his way! For donating, he also gives incentives that you can get in-game as a thank you for donating.

He has been raising money for Children’s Hospitals for four years

Take a few minutes and check vulcanjedi’s page out here:

You can donate here and read his story. Here is a small excerpt:

In 2009 our daughter Bailey was hit by a truck while crossing the street. At the time I was out of work on a medical leave and my wife also had to take a leave to be with our daughter. Bailey suffered broken bones but the worst was a traumatic brain injury. After several operations she spent 11 days in CHOP’s Intensive Care before being released to Rehabilitation at The Seashore House

Every little bit helps out! Even if you only have $1 to donate.

And if you are also an Extra Life participant, feel free to let us know here at Avatar’s Express so we can give a shoutout to you and get your page out there!

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