Massive Patch Note list from Oct 31

In the history of Shroud of the Avatar patch notes, this one may be the longest I have seen.

  • Tartarus has been split into 2 scenes, one is a PVP maze and wave battle and the other, all non-PVE battles. This also resolves the issues some were seeing where they able to attack their own party members

  • Brittany trainers should now stay put and be easier to find

  • Exception fixed with picking up a POT Plot that was causing some odd behavior

  • Aerie: Fixed an issue where the “Give Vault Key to Marlin” task marker wasn’t going away.

  • Rose flower arrangements can now be placed as POT decos

  • Estgard: Updated the auto-complete flag for 3 Courage-related tasks.

  • Fireplace decos no longer flicker quite so crazily

  • Despair improvements including some door work

  • Party restriction removed from Despair so it will now behave like most other dungeons

  • Tenebris Harbor: Players can no longer pick up a “lucky nugget” if they already have done so. Also, any players stuck with an extra one can talk to Zan in the guard camp to have it automatically removed.

  • Kas Vault: Changed from two Tier 5 ghosts to one Tier 4 ghost, and from 2 Tier 5 spiders to one Tier 5 spider (with one less spawn location–the one that overlaps with the ghosts).

  • Kobold Expeditionary Camp: Updated quest journal hint to mention the camp is north (not northwest). Also, improved criteria for displaying associated compass marker.

  • Necropolis Barrens: Added the Tier 15 brown spider

  • Compendium of Pain and Suffering: Faun_CP06 continues to have a virtue event (#31) associated with killing it. Howerver, the amount changes is now 0 Courage (as opposed to -1 Courage). This is because the Oracle needs to know you are killing Fauns, but you aren’t getting penalized for it.

  • Epitaph: Players can no longer collect a Vermilion Lens if they have already done so.

  • Book of Memorialized Names: Updated with new name

  • Holiday Lights now hang much more reliably on exterior walls

  • Sword of speed will now have 100 base durability

  • Solar Flare will now correctly damage things

  • Verdantis Mines terrain will no longer show grass

  • Cost of Eggs and Pecan Nuts set back to 4

  • Warp spiders have another new ability

  • Store text bug fixes

  • Batch crafting improvement: reuse unused ingredients after a failure instead of sending them to inventory. This was based on feedback from players at SOTACon

  • Sword of speed no longer has incorrect colors when placed as a deco

  • Grim Reaper mask no longer crashes through avatar face, but correctly hides it

  • Fishing in a party will no longer generate a party roll for each fish caught!

  • Moving off lot while placing a new decoration (still dragging, not dropped), prevents further decoration

  • Added koi fish back to the koi pond green marble dungeon room

  • Obsidian Altar can now be scaled all the way up to 120% and still be placeable

  • Removed extra gold nameplate from Marlin Trophy

  • Scarecrow mask is no longer set to be dyeable (was never intended to be)

  • Spiders in Web Deco with Crawling Spiders now draw in front of the web instead of behind it.

  • /bugspray emote animation now functions correctly for the female so that the plunger moves as it should

  • Fiedx bug that prevented dynamic plot boundaries from being visible while moving the dynamic plot

  • Isabelline Stone 2-Tier Outdoor Fountain now has water appearance correctly scaled

  • Isabelline Stone 2-Tier Outdoor Fountain can once again be placed

  • Owl’s Head: Fixed a number of issues with guard responses.

  • Fix bug that caused a decoration to momentarily re-appear on the lot when being removed

  • Owl’s Head: Mervyn now always displays his “Adventurer Trainer” title.

  • Despair: Disabled one of the five “doorman” access codes pending implementation of required hints

  • Death Shield will now behave as described int he release notes. While still very effective, it will no longer let extreme death mages approach 100% damage blocking

The Ancient Novians Have Landed!  Halloween Party and Costume Contest in Britt Mart!  Sat. 11/2

The Ancient Novians Have Landed! Halloween Party and Costume Contest in Britt Mart! Sat. 11/2

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