SOTAICON - The Future of SOTA Oct 12 2019

SOTAICON - The Future of SOTA Oct 12 2019

Notes from the Shroud of the Avatar International Convention 2019 panel on The Future of SOTA.

General Comments

  • Plans beyond a year are no where near concrete enough to really talk to

  • Surprisingly, Richard tells a stories

  • The team has not changed.

  • The umbrella under which the team operates has

  • As this was the last panel for the convention, the closing was included in the video

  • The profit from the convention ($415.57) was given to Portalarium

Questions (paraphrased)

  • Can we get taxidermy?

    • Good idea, yes

  • What are Richard’s and Starr’s roles going forward?

    • Richard said he will continue to work on all the same stuff he’s been working for years

  • What happens to Portalarium?

    • Nothing

    • The corporate entity remains unchanged

  • At the end of the conversation, if there is a profit after all the expenses are paid, who does the check go to?

    • Portalarium

  • Would Cat Nip Games be a subsidiary of Portalarium?

    • No

    • Think of it as two companies that have contracts with each other

  • Would it be accurate to say that Portalarium has sub-contracted Cat Nip Games to take over the production and operation of the game?

    • Yes

  • How does this affect those people that are shareholders thought he SeedInvest program?

    • Nothing changed

    • They remain share holders of Portalarium

  • Is there going to be cat nip plants in game?

    • Yes

    • Will be the most powerful thing in the game :)

  • Can we get new instruments?

    • Yes

    • But, it’s is a lot of work

  • What about the charity/awareness items?

    • They will be back

  • What about fireflies?

    • Good idea

Check out the full video provided by NBNN

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