Hot Forum Topic: Upset with New Lands Placement – Interview on NBNN News

4 years ago

A very hot topic right now in the forums is a post that was started by Engineer (Datendrache on the forum) concerning the placement of the new land.

Along with pictures, video, and screenshots, he explains his concerns about POT placement. The discussion has gone on to talk about the long run for new players who would like to live in the POT towns on the new lands and the Tier level that they will encounter trying to get there. The fact that new players may get lost taking the new boats and that many will miss the overland content because so many choose to use teleport scrolls instead of exploring the map.

Everyone has a different opinion on what Engineer has brought to the table. During this morning’s “Lunch with Laz and Jack” on NBNN News, Engineer was invited on the show to talk about the information he has brought forth. The SoTA community also were brought into the discussion and some very good and interesting information was talked about.

If you missed it, I highly recommend checking out the episode with Engineer. NBNN news posts their past shows on Twitch and YouTube. You can find the episode with Engineer here:



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