Interview with Draxenath Kharada

I recently met with Draxenath Kharada in Aelasar’s Forest to talk with her about her work, Interview of the Dragon Goddess. It follows her summoning of, and adventures with, the Dragon Goddess known as Draxenath on the world she inhabited before coming to New Britannia.

Vladamir Begemot: First, the Dragon Goddess is also Draxenath, correct?

Draxenath Kharada: Yes.

VB: Are you her incognito?

DK: (laughing) No, not an incognito. It had many different names until I chose the name Draxenath, names like Wallanime, Lilith, and others. I chose my Novia name after her.

VB: It must have been terrifying at first, watching her tear the cow in half. How long did it take for you to settle down and believe you wouldn’t be lunch?

DK: The moment she started acting silly.

VB: Yes that would make sense.

DK: With the bacon and the candies.

VB: Where I am from our cities are consuming resources at a rate that may doom the residents of the entire planet. Starmire appears to have avoided that, and the goddess keeps hinting that she is pleased. What about the other cities? How big are they, are they consuming the nearby land, or farther away lands? Are they ever inflicted with famine and plague?

DK: there is something the goddess is not pleased about in all those settlements, and it is the lack of harmony, lack of harmony in the sense that there is so much slavery, no freedom for the living beings, even humans. Animals born and raised to be food, without choice plants confined to farms, grown under tight control.

VB: Yes we had the same problems back on Earth. Do your cities get struck down because of plague or desertification? Or are they still small enough they haven’t seen the end game?

DK: The cities and everything, the population, it all had to be re-balanced There were wars, education, governments were overthrown. The interview is just a small drop that started it all, made the Goddess decide to give the world another chance.

She used to act directly, but that time she decided to be more subtle, but no less active. Everything she did in the past was direct and spot on, but it did not work, because the people of the world was not ready. A lot had to be changed, I was there and saw the change. I saw Draxenath’s Avatar spilling blood as much as reeducating the people and changing their way of thinking.

VB: Sounds like the story has just begun!

VB: How did you come here?

DK: I guess at some point I felt satisfied with what we accomplished, and passed on, then I woke up here, so I chose to live as a woman this time.

VB: Now that you have set up a home here, what do you enjoy doing? Still pursuing mysteries and adventure? You must have seen a lot already as you have your Shroud I see.

DK: There are lots of things for me to see yet. I like traveling, and diverse crafting. I am quite adept with bows. I made the armor I am wearing. I also made bows for some friends.

VB: What is the name of the world you came from?

DK: The world as a whole, it has not been named yet, I think.

VB: One last question, you said you couldn’t reveal much about how you summoned her. But I was curious, what was the process? Lots of library time? Searching in ruins?

DK: She can listen to prayers directed at her, but was blocking them from her mind, so I researched rituals and clerical ceremonies, emergency rituals and things that were capable of getting her attention and kept trying, several of them at the same time, until she answered furiously.

VB: Perseverance.

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