Ironhall Roleplaying Event Happening This Weekend!

3 years ago

Ironhall Roleplaying Event

Sunday Oct 11 – 8PM EST

Thoryk Omara writes:

As the new stones towers of Ironhall City were just erected already reports were brought to the Fortress and Knight’s Watch of sighting of Kobold in the surrounding areas. These creatures had not been seen near Ironhall since the last war, a destructive event that had left the Kingdom in ruins.

Centuries passed before the O’marians resettled and constructed the mighty Ironhall Fortress high above the hills to shelter and protect it’s people.

The Knights of Ironhall had been preparing for such and event, Knight’s Watch a the ready but the harsh blow of the Kobold was not expected this soon…..

Will you join and help us defend our lands?

Join the Knights of Ironhall on Sunday and help them fight!

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