Join Atos tonight for the Release 96 Stream and some PVP action!

2 years ago

Release 96 Live Stream at 4PM tonight plus PVP extravaganza in the Obsidian Trials!

Tonight we’ll be streaming from the Obsidian Trials to show off part of the focus of our work for Release 96, PVP Balance! Multiple balance issues have been addressed and several new play options have been added as we work to bring some serious PVP balance to Shroud of the Avatar. Also, don’t be afraid to join in no matter what your skill level as the Trials map has no ransom, caps max player level, max skill levels, and also caps most gear and is a “Battle Royale” style map where the last one standing wins prizes. You can join the stream HERE! or join in the fun in the Obsidian Trials!

As always for our release streams, you can enter in the prize raffle by saying the month’s magic phrase in game! This month the phrase is…. “Howl at the Moon” Prizes will be drawn at the end of the stream! Additionally, we’ll provide some extra prize drawings for those who take part in the trials during the stream! Since the winners already receive prizes from the trials, I will be drawing prizes randomly based on participations. The big prize for Trials participants tonight will be the Obsidian Keep City Home, pictured above!

We’ll spend any extra time answering some AskADev questions and questions from the stream! The AskADev questions can be added in game simply by starting a question on the in game Universe channel with Askadev.

Have a friend who wants to try the new and vastly improved Shroud of the Avatar game for free AND start with a free brass pet raven, pirate hat, pirate sword, AND 500,000 experience to get them going fast? Send them to our special promotional bundle page Expect more starting bundle options to appear over the next few weeks for those with different tastes!

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