Labor Day Sales and Double XP!

2 years ago

Happy Labor Day! In observance of Labor Day, bonus EXP and various sales will start on Friday, September 3rd at Noon CT:

  • +100% Adventure and Crafting EXP!

  • Holdfast Player-Owned Towns are 20% Off!

  • 2-Hour Flash Sale Items are 20% Off!

  • Crowns of the Obsidian are 20% Off!

  • Crown Store Deeds Still Include Dungeon Entrances and Foyers Until R94!

    • Crown Store Row Lot Deeds: Ancient Tome Dungeon Entrance Pattern

    • Crown Store Village Lot Deeds: Magic Mirror Dungeon Entrance

    • Crown Store Town Lot Deeds: Ruined Stone Arch Dungeon Entrance Pattern & Ornate Triple Connection Stone Dungeon Foyer

    • Crown Store City Lot Deeds: Circle of Stones Rift Dungeon Entrance Pattern & Ornate Triple Connection Marble Dungeon Foyer

  • Player-Owned Town Upgrades are 20% Off! (Crown Upgrades Only)

  • Episode 2 Access is $4 Off!

  • New Character Slots is 40% Off!

All these sale items except for the Crown Store Deed specials will last until Tuesday, September 7th at Noon CT, so don’t miss out!

Happy shopping, Avatars!


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