Lord British Addresses Community Concerns

4 years ago

With the announcement of Lord British’s character being apart of the new game Corven, Lord British stopped by the forums to make this statement:

Dearest Community,
Somehow my recent agreement to allow Lord British to play a role in the upcoming fan game of Corven has produced (as often) some wild speculation! BTW – Lord British often visits other worlds in Board Games such as “The Visitor” another game made by a friend, where LB shows up as an “Unwanted Guest”, and LB has also be a visitor in numerous computer games as well.
Just as we often post words of encouragement and links to our community about other games being made by friends, family and fans, I have been in contact with Florian (the games creator) for years, as he has often posted me on their Ultima Homage creation. He asked if LB could play a role in the game, after discussing and refining what that role might be, I agreed to allow specific use of LB in Corven.
This will NOT interfere in any way with LB in Shroud of the Avatar. It should not be seen as me moving to another company or product.
However, I do believe they are working hard to make a very nice game, I look forward to seeing how it evolves!
– Lord British

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