Lot Deed Raffle brought to you by the Lightbringers!

3 years ago

Hemnu and Koimiko Lightbringer are putting on an amazing contest giving everyone a chance to win yourself a lot deed!

Tickets are on sale at 7 locations, costing 25,000gold each, with no limit on entries! However, there are only 3,000 tickets available to buy.


1st Place
Tax-Free Founder Keep Lot Deed
Turreted City House (City Home)
Keep Stone 5-Story Basement

2nd Place
Aerie Village lot located near the beach next to the castle lot
Village Lot Deed
Edelmann Founder (Village Home)
Village Stone 5-Story Basement

3rd Place
Player Owned Town Water Town Lot Deed

4th Place
Player Owned Town Village Lot Deed

Raffle Tickets on Sale Now at 7 Locations The Beran’s Reach Auction House, Ironhall, New Britannian Market, Crafters Town, Novia Market, Ardoris, and Aerie.

Drawing will be held at the Beran’s Reach Auction House on Lord British’s Birthday Sunday, July 4th


Make sure to read through all the rules on the forum post here:

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