Materials Prices Hit the Stratosphere

It’s a great time to be a Gatherer!

It’s an expensive time to be a Crafter…

4 years ago

It’s a great time to be a gatherer!

Much appreciated crafting changes have driven materials costs through the roof. One recent report had silver and gold ore being sold at 200g per piece in person to person trades!

Compare that to a few months ago when it was trading at around 40 gold, and you can see there have been some major upheavals in the economy. charts show reported highs from last week of 125g per silver. Gold was siimilarly high, with wood prices hitting the 90’s.

It’s important to note that these are only sales that were uploaded to their site, and don’t represent the entire market.

Wood doubled in price in the last few months, mostly due to the siege wood drop nerf. They had been the best source of wood, but no more. Now the Siege Engineers drop only 1 wood on average per Engineer.

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