May 8th Friday Stream with Atos and Elgarion: Time for some hide-n-seek plus Q&A

3 years ago

The stream was about 1 hour 17 minutes long and you can watch the whole thing at


  • 00:10:30 – Monthly pledge rewards items will no longer be exclusive and will be available in the crown store

  • 00:20:50 – Question: Will Experience books be combinable (uncommon, common, etc)? Chris will look into it

  • 00:22:00 – Question: Will bulk scroll creation eventually offer the complete experience for the stack? Yes

  • 00:23:45 – Question: Can the crafting experience “items” be made trade-able like the adventuring experience items? No

  • 00:27:20 – Question: Mother’s day sale? Maybe

  • 00:28:55 – Question: Why no Atos items in game? Maybe one day

  • 00:29:35 – Question: When single spawn point for player dungeons that has been on QA for months? Still have to work on how it will be crafted or maybe loot

  • 00:23:15 – Chris gets to have some fun experiencing the game lag some people get to see

  • 00:37:15 – Chris finds the cause as being Render to CubeMap. Disabling “Use Camera Effects” under video setting will help this until they find a proper fix.

  • 00:39:30 – Fishing contest results:

  • 00:41:40 – Question: Is there a 2 year reward program title? Yes, there will be.

  • 00:42:00 – Question: POT upgrade sale? Probably not (did get distracted)

  • 00:44:42 – May the 4th prizes

  • 00:45:25 – Question: Can you remove heritage from the silly fish trophies so they can be used in player run contests? Yes, eventually.

  • 00:48:10 – Question: Why doesn’t the new shogun armor salvaged patterns work? Bug, will be fixed

  • 00:49:00 – Question: More crafting stuff? Yes

  • 00:49:20 – Chris is reviewing crafting math and adjusting as needed

  • 00:51:20 – Question: Are you aware that Savage Sonata must be cast on a tamed pet and that bard songs can’t be interrupted? Chris was not aware of Sonata issue. Both issues will be fixed.

  • 00:53:05 – Question: Why is meticulous collection extra experience not added to skinning and cotton? Bug. Will be fixed.

  • 00:54:15 – Issues with meticulous collection when skinning dragons will be fixed as well.

  • 00:54:30 – Question: Meticulous collection extra experience on gems and forestry isn’t working. Will be fixed

  • 00:54:50 – May the 4th prizes

  • 00:59:00 – Question: Are house pet suppose to be following us around town? Bug. Will be fixed

  • 01:00:20 – Question: Why is there no buy back option when accidentally selling an item to NPC vendors? Use the lock to inventory feature

  • 01:03:47 – Question: Can we get more titles? Yes. (Maybe even titles from quests)

  • 01:08:05 – Question: Does right clicking on report issues for quests go someplace useful? Yes. Reports go to a dev list that is checked often

  • 01:10:55 – Community Events Announcements

  • 01:16:43 – Stream ends

All questions and answers paraphrased

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