2 years ago


The front was covered in strange, colorful symbols arranged on a glass surface.

Apart from those peculiar hieroglyphics it was mostly featureless, save for a small notch at one end.

He turned the tiny, smooth tablet over and examined the rear. It was smooth and featureless.

“It’s a smartphone” said the Outlander, apparently suffering from the misconception that this description was in some way helpful.

“You can surf the net, play games, all sorts of stuff.”

Lucas was having difficulty understanding how this tiny tablet could be a useful aid to fishing, although it could possibly be part of a game of some description.

“Where is the rest of the set?” Lucas replied.

“Unfortunately I left the charger behind” replied the Outlander.

Lucas imagined a small carved figurine depicting a jousting Knight, and was disappointed that the game was incomplete.

Still, what he saw had a certain novelty value, and would make a fine conversation piece.

“I’ll offer you two fish for it.”

“Done!” replied the Outlander.

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