Mysteria Fishing Contest

2 years ago

Posted by Serenia,

Join us for some magic in Mysteria with a spin off contest for this month’s Catnip Fishing Tournament.

Our contest begins on Thursday, November 18th, 2021 at 11:59pm. When the clock slides over to midnight Central Time, you may begin fishing which means fish must show a catch date in game of September 23, 631 or later. Our contest ends on Thursday, December 16th at 12:00pm Central, so when the in-game clock turns over to September 11, 633 we will pull the fish drop box and determine our winners! Good luck fishers!

Prizes for the three longest (Fetid) fish caught in Mysteria during the full contest period:
1st Place: 1000 COTOs
2nd Place: 500 COTOs
3rd Place: 300 COTOs

We will also be doing a few random 1 hour contests during the month, to be announced in universal chat in game.

DROP BOX LOCATION: The contest drop box is located in front of the Shogun tea house near the Beachside Crafting Pavilion. There are 2 fishing devotionals nearby in that area, close to the main docks.

Mysteria’s Novia map location is on an island just under the Elad’s Lighthouse island to the east of Central Brittany (see map below) and north of Crossroads. We can also be reached by balloon from Etceter, Owl’s Head, and Soltown; and also from teleporters in the POT towns of Arlia, Knightmare Falls, Lightbringer Isle, Paxlair, Riptown Creek and Valor.

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