Mysteria Yule Gift Exchange

Open to all outlanders.

Location: Mysteria, park area at Emerald Cove.

To Participate:
If you would like to add one for yourself or a friend, send a gift box to Xrossfire Bugseye and your gift box will be set up in the park with add contents set to public. I have a limited # of gift boxes available for those that need one.

Note: All Mysteria town residents have a gift box. You do not have to be a resident of Mysteria to participate.

To Donate:
If you want to donate to a specific player. Find the players gift box and add your gift.

3 Donations chests have also been placed for players that want to donate to random players. These items will be distributed randomly to the gift boxes on the night of Dec 25th.

Notes to the Devs:
If you wish to post a yuletide or thank you note to the devs, a gift box for the devs is available next to the donation boxes. A backpack with blank paper is beside the dev gift box for those that come unprepared.

Gift Pickup:
Your gifts will be made available with permissions set for pickup on Dec 26th.

Thanks to Elgarion, we’ll be having a party on Dec 26th. Time and location to be announced later.

If you have any questions please contact Xrossfire Bugseye in game, or Jakkal on the forums.

See full details on the forums here: