Mysterious Abandoned Chests

3 years ago

Abandoned Chest.pngAbandoned Chest.png

The Abandoned Trunks of the Vale

Any travelling Avatar curious at the mysterious appearance of seemingly abandoned chests in various strange locations might find enlightenment in the following tale:

It seemed Daven had been doing this forever, yet people had not changed. Some walked by without noticing. Some glanced at the trunk but carried on regardless. A few paused, undecided, before carrying on.

Those people didn’t interest Daven. They were the inattentive, the inherently honest and the indecisive, and were of no use. The ones that interested Daven were the few who walked along the pier and examined the chest. When that happened, Daven felt a slight stir of interest. Maybe this time. After all these months, perhaps lady luck would smile again – usually followed by disappointment as the curious investigator was thwarted by the lock.

This time was different. The stranger drew something from his pocket, and knelt before the chest. Daven suppressed a growing feeling of excitement. This had happened before. He was not going to get his hopes up.

Suddenly the chest was open. The stranger took the bag of gold that was concealed inside, and read the accompanying note. Daven smiled as the stranger folded the note and placed it in his shirt pocket.

Another potential candidate for the Thieves’ Guild.

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