New Patch Notes up to 1062

4 years ago

Patch Notes Page

Catching up on missed patch notes, since there was a new one today.

Build Number 1062 – October 25 10:00AM


  • Fixed collision issues with Tartarus deco teleporter

  • Visual fixes to Ice Shield

  • Patcher work for OSX version. Still not compatible with latest OS version which requires 64 bit but closer! One item left to convert

  • Removed heritage flag from a few items in the store

  • New decos for the holidays!

Build Number 1059 – October 22 6:00PM


  • Rolled back the change to virtue cloak fix as it was causing fizzle rates to double for some patterned gear.

Build Number 1057 – October 21 5:00PM


  • Fixed gustball issues on non-flat terrain

  • Fixed issue with putting away halberd while auto attacking

  • Fixed Virtue cloak coloring when used as pattern

  • Bug spray emote should once again show gas

  • Two new large deco teleporters for The Fall and Lost Vale. Lost Vale teleporter only shows its teleporter when Lost vale is open

Build Number 1053 – October 18 11:00AM


  • Text localization updates

  • Red outline around heraldry image fixed

  • Crown shop items, melted candle decos, glowing mugs, snowy trees

  • Minor fixes to Ulfheim

  • Name fixes to holiday items

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